Sunday, February 18, 2018

E-Watch - 2018-02-18


Winnipeg Police Service E-Watch: A Crime Prevention Education & Awareness Initiative

View neighbourhood reports for Residential Break and Enters and Stolen Vehicles.

Visit CrimeStat to view Crime Statistics in Winnipeg.

The CrimeStat website is an online resource that provides timely statistical information relating to crime in Winnipeg.

Crime Prevention Tip

Winnipeg Police Service would like to inform you of a prevalent scam making its way around.

Canada Revenue Agency Scam involving Steam Cards, ITunes Cards, Bitcoins and Money Transfer Services.


•  Get a call claiming to be from CRA, advising there is a warrant out for your arrest or  one will be issues as you owe back taxes

•  Scammers use the "urgency and scare tack" saying act now or you will be arrested

•  Victims are then instructed to attend stores: Walmart, Superstore, Mac Store, Safeway, Red-River Co-op, and Sobeys.

•  Victims purchase the Steam Cards and/or ITunes card and provide scammers with key numbers.

•  On some occasions victims are provided with diversion lines just in case someone questions the purchases

•  Scammers stay on the line key numbers are verified. Out of fear of being arrested victims do not hang up.


•    CRA does not put out warrants for any individuals' arrest

•    If you listen to a voicemail claiming to be CRA, do not call back using call back feature. You can contact the office directly by calling CRA listed customer service number.

•    CRA will not advise you to clear your debt using gift cards

•    Resist the urge to ACT NOW!

•    Make sure you confirm whatever information you have received from someone claiming to be your bank or CRA

•    Never give out any personal information including your name, correct spelling of your name, DOB, address, SIN number or banking information.

•    Report all Fraud incidents to your local police.

•    Choose your tax preparer carefully! Make sure you choose someone you trust and check their references

•    Caller ID is a useful function. However, the information displayed can be altered by criminals. Never use only the displayed information to confirm the identity of the caller whether it is an individual, a company or a government entity.
If you become a victim please call: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online or by calling 1-888-495-8501 and your local police.

For more information visit

E-Watch - Your direct connection to information about crime and crime prevention in your community. Thank you for choosing to stay informed and helping us create a culture of safety in Winnipeg.

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